Friday, August 15, 2014

Another day in Dallas

We spent a day in Lewisville hanging out with friends and family.  We saw the Longs, the Largents, and my parents.  We didn't get to see the Hunts or the Rhodes because they were sick.  We spent most of the morning with Grayson and Adelyn.  They all played really well together and spent an hour playing dress up.  Grayson and Addy would change outfits every five minutes, but I'm pretty sure Harper stayed in her Anna dress the entire time.

After lunch, we went to Corinth to see Jessica, Cory and Cayden.  He napped for most of the time, but it was still cute to see Harper try to play with him.  She tries to boss him around, or help him, or tell him how to play, but he just looks at her, like "What?"  She did enjoy playing video games with Cory while Jessica and I talked.  As always, we could talk for hours and still never be done.  

Afterwards, we headed to my parents house in Argyle to say hi and meet the new puppy, Brynn.  She is seriously cute and tiny.  Harper liked her but was a little afraid of her because she nips.  But we had a great time visiting and playing with the new puppy.  We had dinner and visited and then headed home.  

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