Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Backyard Renovations

We took a break from working on the backyard for most of July.  But we had two main projects left to finish, so Cody did those in August before school started back.  He leveled the patio and filled all the cracks.  Then, he painted over the whole patio with this stuff called Deck Over, that is supposed to hide all the cracks and such.  It definitely didn't.  But the rustic red at least adverts your eyes so you don't see all the imperfections of a 30 year old patio.  Then, he and Buddy tore down the old patio cover.  It was all sorts of demolition derby.  He took the old cover and put it by the pond so now we have a pre made deck to sit on out there.  A few weeks later, he put up the new patio covering, almost all by himself.  I was so proud of how he designed it and built it all on his own.  He is quickly becoming the master craftsman.  He picked a tin roof, which we love because it reminds us both of rainy nights when we were kids.  He did get some help, a little from his dad and I, and lots of good help from Harper.  After the patio covering, he built the new deck over the old garden.  It is perfect for our patio table and allows us to have way more room on the patio.  It is perfect and he did it in less than two days.  I was seriously impressed.  Our backyard is getting so close, I love it.  I can't wait to sit out there all fall.  

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