Wednesday, August 27, 2014

July Photo Dump

I thought July was spent indoors, A/C, sitting on the couch, being lazy.  But looking back at the pictures, it looks like we actually did quite a bit.  We did spend most of our time with each other, just hanging out and relaxing together.  Harper got to enjoy her new birthday toys and lots of one on one time with us.  Cody and Harper played all month long - she is going to miss him when he goes back to work.  

One afternoon, she decided to color her new Frozen purse she got from friends for her birthday.  She did a great job, other than the beady, creepy eyes.  

It's amazing how much different a 3 year old is from a 2 year old.  She is more coordinated, more independent, and can do so many more things than before.  She has learned to play soccer, though we only play at home.  She rides her scooter great, though I may hide it soon if that horn gets honked one more time.  And she is fabulous at puzzles.  She can put together any of her puzzles in about 5 minutes.  And she remembers where every piece goes - she has a good memory!

We have tried to spend some time outside, even though it's definitely getting hot.  It truly hasn't been a miserable summer, so we are thankful for that.  Cody worked on the four wheeler some and used it to work around the pasture.  We enjoyed the new pool and swing set from the shade while Harper played.  She definitely needs a friend nearby, it stinks playing by yourself all the time!  And Mimi came to visit for 2 days while Gary, Taylor, and Carleigh were on mission trip.  It was a really good trip and we got to relax and just enjoy some good time together.  We spent a few hours one night just talking about grammar and words.  

Harper is changing so much.  That will be a whole separate post on her being 3.  She is remembering things and understanding things about her world.  She read a book about going camping and there was a bear in it (not a mean one, just a bear).  She began waking up in the middle of the night, telling us there was a bear in her room.  She wasn't necessarily scared, but she just kept talking about the bear.   For a solid month, she woke up in the middle of the night, sometimes staying awake for 1-2 hours at a time.  It was rough.  One day at nap time, she got her camera and told me that she was taking a picture of the bear in the corner of her room.  One day at nap time, she told me her doll was sick and needed some oils.  As much as I love that she trusts the oils to keep her well, we don't have enough money to waste oils on baby dolls.  Stinker!  She loves playing with Cody, more than me even now.  She could play hide and seek with him for hours, though she usually tells you where she's hiding.   She also loves that she gets to play with her cousins all the time.  They are all girly girls and dress up, play dolls, and play great together.  They are so cute together!

This girls seriously has her own flair.  She is always running around the house singing and dancing.  Songs about nothing, about what she is doing at that exact moment.  Dances that have lots of turns and twists and get down on the ground and be crazy moves.  She is a nut!  She likes to dress up and be fashionable too.  We had friends over the other night for about 3 hours and they counted that she changed at least 7 times in that time period.  She loves clothes, especially dress up clothes and fancy clothes.  She also loves matching.  I swear I'll get her into better outfits eventually.  

We went to Sandy Point for dinner one Sunday evening and had a great time playing in the water and sand.  She loves the water and beach - she could have played in it all night.  It's fun for us to get out there and just relax and eat.  

Plus, Jessica and baby Cayden came to see us before school started.  We miss them all the time and Cayden is getting so big!  We went to lunch and that boy scarfed food down like it was the last day on Earth.  He is such a good boy though, seems to always be smiling.  And Harper loves him!

My stupid mistake one night of putting a cooked, hot casserole dish on the stove and accidentally turning the burner on underneath it.  It cooked that dish until it literally just exploded.  Dinner that night was a goner!  So sad...

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