Thursday, August 7, 2014

June Photo Dump

It's August, so I'm super behind and I'm sure I'll be mad at myself later, but this will be a quick post.  I don't even know if I can remember all the funny things that happened in June!  

I love my sisters and am thankful when they aren't in school so we can hang out more.  They are so much more fun than me and Harper absolutely loves to hang out with them.  We make pancakes more often than before now that it's summer, and I'm a cool mom that makes letter and number pancakes.  It's the little things that make her happy, so I'm happy I can oblige!  

Harper has been so good this summer, playing at home and enjoying herself when it's really too hot to be outside.  She has such a fun personality that it's fun to play all day with her, plus she is imaginative and creative and can play by herself for hours.  It's awesome both ways!  

We were super busy this month, but we spent some good family time together.  We went to Lewisville once and played with friends at the Ark and visited my parents in Argyle.  It was great to see them!

This is her new idea of matching.  Monochromatic.  She loves to match, including her panties.  Sometimes she even asks for the same color cup and bowl when she eats.  I think it went a little overboard!  Now I have to teach her that she can wear a shirt that isn't necessarily ALL pink with her pink skirt.  :)

We are getting settled and living a pretty good life up here these days.  And we get to see this beauty every evening from our patio.  God is glorious!

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