Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Best Party Ever

Harper had a blast at her party.  All the kids spent the whole time running around and playing outside.  There was a lot to play on, her kiddie house and trampoline; plus her new pool from KK and her new play set and swing set.  Plus bubbles and squirt guns that the kids loved.  They enjoyed playing with each thing and going back and forth.  They had such a good time and they all got along.  It's so funny how kids don't really care who they are playing with, they just love playing with other kids.  

At the last minute, we got a huge tarp and added water and soap.  The kids loved being in charge of the hose and spraying the tarp.  They ran around and slid up and down.  They loved it!  We of course had an injury, I may have put too much soap, but Quinlan was ok after some love.  So they kept going and had a blast.  

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