Thursday, July 24, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Harper Elizabeth!

This year, we talked about Harper's birthday for weeks.  When it was close, we counted down "sleeps" until it would be here.  When it finally came, she was so excited!  She wanted to tell everyone she saw that it was her birthday and she was three!  We made pancakes in an "H" and a "3" for breakfast which she specifically requested.  It is her favorite breakfast.  Then, we had a doctor's appointment for her 3 year well visit.  Sadly, she had to get a shot and the nurse tried to be quick about it but ended up scaring Harper half to death.  She was a bit grumpy after that but still remembered to ask for a sucker.  After that, we had lunch at Taco Cabana, which she requested for her favorite meal of tortillas.  Lots of tortillas.  Buddy and Serena came over for dinner, which was chicken pot pie, her absolute favorite food.  She asks for it all the time.  And we finished off some more cupcakes from her party, which she is always willing to eat of course.  She got to open a few presents, one from us, one from the Hempkins', and one from the Long's.  She loved everything she got, especially because most of it was Frozen stuff.  I really think she had the best birthday.  She laughed and giggled all day and never seemed to stop smiling!

She was exactly 36 inches tall and weighed 30 lbs.  She is 30% and 40%, respectively.  She has definitely hit her threes, and not all in a bad way.  She is a bit more demanding, wanting to be independent and know everything.  She hates when she asks me a question and I have to tell her "I don't know."  She gets mad, like I'm just not telling her the answer.  She is the epitome 1st child, bossy, know it all, likes to help everyone and tell them how they are supposed to do it.  She is an on/off good eater, it just depends on the day or the meal.  She is an on/off good sleeper.  We hit a snag in the month of June where she was getting scared of the dark at night and telling us there were scary things in her room.  She would be up for 1-2 hours each night crying and yelling and not sleeping.  After a few weeks, we were exhausted and out of patience.  We tried everything, including dolls, toys, and crying it out.  We finally bought a night light and that has saved us.  It is bright in there and she isn't scared anymore.  Plus, we leave her door open and I think she doesn't feel so alone.  Other than that, life is pretty good.  She is talking, dancing, singing, playing a ton.  She still says a few funny things... "Hey (clap)" to get attention.  "I not funny/silly/turkey.  I Harper." "Her my fwamilwy."  She loves to watch funny dog videos on youtube with Cody.  It's their thing together.  She likes to be pushed on her swing set outside.  She likes to tell us what shape or letter her poops look like.  She likes butter, plain.  She likes to read, all the time.  She stalls for bedtime by praying for lots of people, and it always works.  She likes to type on the computer.  She likes to play at the beach in the sand and swim in the water.  She loves to FaceTime with her family.  She loves to play Barbie and change their clothes 100 times.  She is a great kid and we love her a ton.  Happy 3rd Birthday Harper Elizabeth Hempkins!

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