Sunday, July 20, 2014

Let them eat cake

I love these first few pictures.  She looks so happy!  She loved everyone singing Happy Birthday to her.  You could tell she felt so special.  She finally figured out the birthday thing this year and really enjoys it.  She likes to know who's birthday is next, which is fun because there are 12 family birthdays during the summer.  She will randomly sing Happy Birthday to people and bring them a gift (a toy or something).  So since it was her birthday, she loved every minute of being the center for the day.  

As she was finishing her cupcake, Grayson came over and asked to sit by Harper while he ate his dinner.  I absolutely love that the cousins truly love each other, even if they fight like normal family.  And then there's sweet Reese, in the background being her happy self, eating her 15th piece of watermelon.  I love that she is almost always so smiley and happy!

After cupcakes, Cody got all the kids on the four wheeler trailer and took them for a ride around the pasture.  The kids all jumped on, so excited!  Katharine and I went along since some of the kids were were a little young.  Most of the kids had a blast.  Cody went slow but it was still fun to see them taking in the pond, the animals, the land, etc.  Grayson kept yelling for Cody to go slow, and he had that smile on his face that was both happy and pure terror.  But afterwards, he was happy so I guess it was worth it.  

I will admit that she ate four cupcakes that day and not much else.  Two before the party and two during the party, although the second one was all Aunt Krissy.  She then helped Pop eat his cupcake, although I think she got more on him that he would have without the help.  

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