Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Aftermath

Around 7, most of her friends had left and mostly all that was left was family and a few others.  The night was winding down but we were actually still having fun.  We all pulled up chairs and sat in a big circle and just talked.  It was so nice to just sit and enjoy the company.  Harper finally came over and we decided to open her presents.  She got some Frozen books from the Hunts.  A tennis racket from the Spiegels.  An Elsa wand from the Longs.  And a new Razor scooter from Mimi, Pop, Taylor and Carleigh.  She is really good at thanking people for their gifts and giving big hugs.  The kids kept playing, but somehow tried to all play in the little kiddie house together.  

After awhile, my parents wanted to ride the four wheeler.  I'm not quite sure how this happened, but it did.  Cody gave them a few basic tips and off they went.  My mom had a rough start but I think they enjoyed it.  

While I was busy watching my mom on the four wheeler, I missed Harper getting naked.  Of course.  She had gotten cranky and tired during the middle of her party and Kara had changed her from her bathing suit to clothes.  Suddenly, she wanted to play in the water, so panties it was.  And of course, she just squatted and peed in the grass.  I am ok with it, but I guess we usually just do it in private.  Reesey joined Harper in the late night water tarp.  They just ran around and played.  Those two are such crazies.   

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