Sunday, July 20, 2014

Hanging at the Party

We were afraid it was going to be so hot at the party that all the adults would be miserable.  But around noon, it started to get cloudy and cooled off a bit.  All afternoon, it was the perfect day.  Just breezy enough and cloudy enough to keep you comfortable.  The adults all stood around and talked and enjoyed the afternoon.  All of our family was there, as well as play date friends and friends from HV.  Plus, Kristi and Alli LeCompte from Arizona were in town visiting Taylor and Carleigh.   I'm not sure why, maybe there was just enough stuff to keep the kids entertained, but for the first time that we have thrown a party, it felt like the adults got to hang out while the kids ran around.  It wasn't crazy or hectic and not much required my attention.  I think I actually enjoyed it too!

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