Sunday, July 6, 2014

Father's Day with Pop

We celebrated Father's Day with my dad the weekend before because the McCool's were going to be in Padre the next weekend.  It also gave us a chance to celebrate Taylor's 18th birthday and Cody's 33rd birthday too.  We got to Argyle and the kids ran around and played with each other and Tay and Car.  They played toys and balls and hide and seek for an hour without stopping.  Reese played with me for a bit and showed me how she is learning to jump.  She gets bigger every time I see her!

After awhile, we decided to go outside and let the kids play in the pool and do the slip 'n' slide.  Grayson loved it and went down it a hundred times.  Harper tried once or twice but spent most of her time playing in the pool with Reese or being the person who sprays the slip 'n' slide to keep it wet.  She always seems to like being in charge instead of actually doing the activity.  Reesey had a new bathing suit and looked so cute.  She mostly just sat around the kiddie pool and played with Carleigh. Eventually, Grayson convinced Brian and my dad to slip 'n' slide too and it was the best 30 minutes.  Sometimes they hit the ground so hard it looked like it hurt.  Sometimes they didn't even slide at all.  But they added some tarps to the end and some soap to make it slippery and suddenly they were having a blast.  

We went inside and had dinner, which is always difficult because the kids are always done in 5 minutes and seem to get in a bit of trouble while we eat.  But then we opened presents for Gary, Taylor and Carleigh.  June is always full of celebrations!  We had strawberry cake, Cody and Taylor's favorite and then relaxed for a little while and let the kids run crazy.  We bathed quickly and headed out just in time for Harper to crash in the car.  It's always a full, fun day with family.

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