Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Harper's Birthday Party

About a month before Harper's birthday, I asked her what kind of party she wanted to have.  Before I could even offer suggestions, she said Frozen of course.  I gave her a ton of options, and no matter what she wanted Frozen.  Since it was summer, we knew we would do an outdoor party and we added lots of water to keep the kids cool.  We had been working on the backyard and it was about halfway done.  Cody finished the play set at 8pm the night before.  We spent all Saturday cooking and baking and decorating.  Serena came over and helped with the baking while Cody mowed the yard and we set up all the stuff outside.  

We made hotdogs because they are quick and easy and a few sides.  We put a banner of Anna and Elsa up in the kitchen (where it stayed for quite a while).  Harper loved looking at it and telling everyone about Frozen.  We also made Elsa princess crowns and Sven reindeer antlers.  Harper just loved that everything was Elsa blue and Anna pink.  

Kara also came up early and helped set up and get everything ready.  We had Harper open her gift early, before the chaos started.  She loves Auntie Kara and was so happy with all the stuff she picked out for her.  She got a princess matching game that she loves, a Frozen dinner plate, and some new Frozen panties.  Harper loved it all and was just so happy to spend time with Kara.  She also had a few guests right at the beginning who brought her a gift.  Uncle Robert and Aunt Kita could only stay for a little bit so they brought her gift by and said hello.  Then, the Shilling's came second and Aaron handed her a gift.  She opened it and then gave Aaron this huge hug.  He stood there and acted like he was too cool for the hug, but he smiled so big and smirked and I just knew - he was happy too.  :)

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