Friday, July 15, 2016

Swim Lessons

We decided to do private swim lessons through Waterloo this year.  We split it with Haddock's so it was about the same as group lessons, but they got way more personal attention.  It didn't take much, but Spencer just needed to teach Harper HOW to actually swim.  She figured it out pretty quick and has made great strides.  She isn't the most buoyant person, she when she stops swimming to take a breath, she immediately sinks.  But she can swim if she goes underwater and has her goggles on.  She does much better that way.  The one thing she really did well at was floating on her back and swimming on her back.  She was able to do it for 10-15 seconds at a time.  She enjoyed that most days they got to do something fun.  Dive for pool toys at the bottom.  Go down the small slide.  Jump off the diving board.  Swim in the deep end.  And at the last day, they got to slide down the twisty, tube slide.  She had a blast and she loved every minute.  She loved getting to swim with Reagan especially.  It was a long few weeks, sitting there with Paige, but it went well.  Paige did pretty well walking around, playing in and out of the doorways, and getting into the pool toys.  But she was pretty sad not to get to jump in the pool with the big girls.

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