Saturday, July 16, 2016

Harper's 5 year Stats

Harper Elizabeth Hempkins is 5 years old.  I seriously can't believe it.  It doesn't feel like she should be 5, but it feels like she's been here way longer.  She is 39 pounds and 39 inches and hits around the 25% for both weight and height.  Alot of people think she is small for 5 so I guess that explains it.  Her hair is getting long because she has decided not to cut it ever again.  She is in between 4T and 5T and wears a 9 1/2 shoe.  She still loves to wear dresses as much as possible, the fancier the better.  She doesn't change a million times a day anymore, but we still struggle to pick clothes out in the morning.

She loves crafts.  She likes to draw pictures and then cut them out and glue them on another piece of paper.  She likes to play anything, especially just make believe.  Her Frozen Barbies are still her favorites, but she likes to play with all her toys.  Kitchen.  Shopping.  Dress up.  Princesses.  Horses.  Minnie Mouse.  Every now and then, she will spend an hour or so just reading books on the couch.  She loves to read and be read to.

She is the best big sister.  Better than I ever imagined.  She loves to help Paige, or help me with Paige.  She is always grabbing her paci and blankey when she's sad or getting her snacks and water if she's hungry.  She lets Paige take toys or play with her stuff even if she doesn't really want to.  She shows Paige how to do everything she does and just acts like Paige is just as big and capable as her.  Which is probably why Paige thinks that!  She teaches her words; she was the person to teach Paige her animal sounds and to say the colors.  She is the best!  I love knowing that she is constantly looking out for her and I can count on her to always be helpful!

As we stopped preschool for the year, she was close to reading.  She knows all her sight words and can name most of her CVC word families and blended word families.  She can sound out lots of words as long as they don't follow some crazy grammar rule.  She knows how to skip count and add as well as place value and basic kinder math.  She is amazing!  She can learn something and quickly put it into memory.  She used to draw like a crazy person but that is gotten so much better in the last few months.  She has figured out how to mostly stay in the lines and color with correct, multiple colors.  She can write fairly well and knows basic sentence structure, which is a huge leap from the beginning of the year when she hadn't learned to separate words.

Harper is an adventurer like Cody.  She loves to drive fast and ride on the four wheeler.  She likes to jump and be crazy and wrestle.  But she is a bit sassy like her Mama.  She whines alot and complains about everything.  Even if she doesn't know the alternative, she despises being told no.  And she cries in confrontation, especially in public.  But she is smart and funny and wild and we love her more than we ever imagined.  It's been the best 5 years, Harper Elizabeth!

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