Monday, June 20, 2016

5 kids too many

Kristen and Brian had David Fullrich's wedding the first weekend in June.  Since Brian was in it, they had to be there Friday evening for the rehearsal, Saturday to get ready for the wedding, and they came home by lunch on Sunday.  McCool's were at the wedding, Piersall's were out of town, and Klusman's had the grad party so we got to babysit the kids.  We never get to since we live so far away so I was excited to spend the time together.  Harper and Reese talked about swimming and their sleepover for weeks.  They were so excited!  We got to Frisco Saturday midmorning and hung out while Ellie took her morning nap.  They played basketball for awhile, and had snacks.  We made PBJ sandwiches and loaded up the cars.  It ended up not fitting three carseats in the back, so we drove two cars which caused Harper and Paige to cry.  Then, while all of this was happening, Bentley ate Reese's sandwich.  So loading up took us an hour and Grayson showed me he could make a new sandwich.  We went to Argyle for Carleigh's graduation party for the day and didn't get home until after bedtime.  Both girls had fallen asleep and were tired and confused.  Harper wanted to sleep with us so we made her a pallet on the floor and put Paige in the pack and play in the bathroom.  We all went to bed at 9 because it had been a long day.  For some reason, the big kids hadn't gotten along.  They were bored and fought over silly things.  The little didn't nap hardly at all and it made for a grumpy day.  But Sunday morning we woke up much better!  Grayson asked for waffles but while I was finding the mix, he popped two Eggos into the toaster.  Not as good, but so much easier.  So the kids had breakfast and Cody went and got us coffee.  We played upstairs and then Ellie went down for her morning nap at 8.  The bigs went outside to swim in the hot tub because it was only 60 degrees outside.  But they swam for almost 2 hours and had a great time.  After that, we watched one movie so I could clean and pack and then McCool's got home soon after.  We headed out so Paige could nap in the car but we had a great time.  I love my sweet neices and nephew and loved spending time with them. 

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