Saturday, July 16, 2016

Memorial Day

Memorial Day weekend we were supposed to go camping with bible study, but the weather forcast said rain.  Then, less rain, then more, then we just weren't sure.  So we cancelled and decided to see some friends at the lake.  The Duff's came in town to camp at the lake so we headed out there Saturday to swim with them.  Sunday, we headed to the Piazza's lake house to swim and have a shrimp boil.  It was rainy both mornings, but was nice by the afternoons.  We put Paige down early Sunday afternoon so we headed out after naptime.  We spent the afternoon at the lake, Harper swimming and Paige playing in the sand.  Harper jumped on the water float and dug in the sand with Lucy and Benton.  Paige didn't like the water as much but loved the sand so she sat around and played there.  At one point, she dumped her cheerios out in the sand and began eating fistfuls of sand just to get the cheerios.  She didn't seem to mind, but it looked gross.  Afterwards, she kept trying to get the sand out of her mouth, but nothing worked.  So I gave her a sip of beer (I didn't have any water) and she loved it.  She kept trying to drink more all night.  We headed back to the cabin to change and have dinner.  Joe did the shrimp boil, the kids played inside, and the adults sat on the patio with a drink.  It was really good food and we sat and talked all night.  Love nights like these.  Paige wasn't doing as hot, so we eventually bathed the girls and headed out at bedtime.

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