Saturday, July 16, 2016

Music On Main

This year has been fun for Music on Main.  We have had lots of good bands and for the first part of June, it wasn't too hot.  We have switched seats a few times trying to get the best view, the least heat and sun, and the least bugs.  We can't seem to find a place with all of it but it's still fun to go out every Friday.  This last time we went, the band was pretty famous and people from all over were there.  They had 3,000 people in attendance!  Not just the field was packed but all streets down past the intersection.  Our group got split because it was just too hard to find everyone, so we visited the others right before we left.  But the girls always have the best time just running amuck with the others.  We usually leave after the opening act and before the real music starts, but it's still fun.  And sitting outside, on a warm summer night, while the kids play and we drink a beer is the best thing ever.

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