Saturday, July 16, 2016

Harper's Birthday

We went back and forth about Harper's birthday party.  Which weekend, what theme, what to do.  She ended up picking a Mermaid theme party and is content to wait another year to do a second Frozen party.  We ended up just having another backyard party on the weekend before her birthday.  As it turned out, it was Cody and Taylor's birthday.  They were good sports about it so we let it ride.  Poo Cody spent the whole day outside mowing and cleaning up and setting up.  He's the best!  Harper really wanted a pool party like Benton, and even asked the morning of for Cody to "buy her a pool."  But her tiny blowup pool was gonna have to work.

It was seriously hot out and even worse, it was like 80% humidity.  So the kids played outside for awhile while the adults sat inside for most of the time.  Family and friends all came so it was a big mix of people.  Harper had a great time and loved having her friends over.  After awhile, the kids ended up inside for dinner and played in the back.  Then they headed back out to jump and swing.  We did cupcakes and sang happy birthday and she opened a few gifts.  She loved everything she got, like always.  She seriously loves EVERYTHING.  After that, people started trickling out but some of the guys played bean bags and the kids roasted smores.  It was nice to sit and relax finally and enjoy the night.  Tessa and Julianne ended up getting stung by a wasp and that ended the party abruptly.  But it was a great day and a fabulous party and I can't believe she's almost 5!

Highlights of the party: We sang HBD to Cody and Taylor too, because how can you not?  It is actually their birthday.  Harper, Lucy, and Tessa shared clothes and underwear because they can.  Julianne took care of Saylor and she ended up in Harper's old ballet recital skirts, one as a skirt, one as a tube top.  And as soon as you asked, Say would "drop it like it's hot."  Harper got a mini play keurig machine - which is awesome and hilarious.  My sisters took care of my girls and lots of other kids for a long time and I seriously could use them 24/7.

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