Saturday, July 16, 2016

Princess Dance Camp

Dance Xplosion had a 4 week summer camp.  A lot of the girls were doing it, so we decided to stop gymnastics for the summer and do it instead.  She liked being in dance with all her friends again, including Lucy Hebda, Emerson Evans, and Stella Cassidy this year.  Lucy, Evelyn, and Reagan were in class again, as well as Presley.  They got to do 4 classes, 4 dances - one each week.  So she enjoyed doing different things each week and their warmups and games.  She did great and it was fun to see her in dance again.  I also got to hang out the other mamas each week which was nice!  Paige came twice and stayed home with Cody twice so that was a nice break as well!  She got a camp tank top and has worn it every chance she gets.  She feels so cute and girly and loves that it's her dance shirt.

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