Friday, July 3, 2015

Birthday Buddies

Cody's birthday was just two days before Harper's party.  His Father's Day was in the middle of the party and Ellie being born, so my whole family was in town and wanting to hang out.  I knew we would both be busy getting everything ready and visiting family, so we decided to celebrate with his parents and then re-celebrate his birthday and Father's Day later the next week.  Then, my sisters were super sweet and came up to hang out and help with party stuff.  It worked out ok since it was Taylor's birthday too.  They are birthday buddies and have gotten to celebrate together for a few years now.  

Cody had three staff development days and they happened this week of all weeks of summer.  It stunk because we had tons of projects going on and it was his birthday.  But we made the best of it by getting up early and going to get donuts.  We never get to anymore because Harper can't eat them, so we left the girls at home with Taylor and Carleigh and had a little alone time.  It was nice.  

When I got home from donuts, we decided to go work out at the gym.  The girls ran on the elliptical while I did my class.  It was good, they might have been dying afterwards, but then we were able to eat a big birthday breakfast.  Taylor wanted waffles, but Carleigh knew she had to do birthday numbers with pancakes.  We compromised with birthday number waffles, which was pretty funny.  We mostly just hung out that day and had a good day.  

That night, Cody's parents took us all to dinner.  Cody picked City Limits and we all went and got burgers and chicken fried steak.  It was rough for Harper and Paige because it's not the easiest restaurant, but it turned out ok.  We headed home for cake and presents.  Cody had asked for some stuff for his new smoker.  Plus, he asked for a chocolate Texas sheet cake.  It's our newest thing and it's so stinking good!  While we were doing that, Taylor and Carleigh were out shopping for all the gifts they had to get for the next week or so.  When they got home, we reassign Happy Birthday for Taylor and did presents again.  They got Cody some movies because they have all been trying to make sure that they have all seen the best movies.  So he got Shawshank, Pulp Fiction, and a few others.  These three have so much fun together.

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