Friday, July 17, 2015

Father's Day with family

Father's Day this year was smack dab between Harper's birthday party and Ellie's actual birth day.  So we went all out and celebrated big with my family since my brothers were in town.  We went to church and then headed to Frisco to have brunch with Mark and Kathryn.  Then, after the kids had naps, Gary and Kristi and the girls came over for swimming and dinner.   We decided to celebrate Cody's birthday and Father's day later in the week so he could have his own special day.  When we did celebrate it the next Wednesday, we had lunch at Taco Cabana and opened gifts that night.  Harper had picked out some new work gloves and some new stuff for his smoker for his Father's Day present.  Then he also got a new Yeti rambler/koozie for his birthday with some cash inside.  It's always nice to have some cash!  I think he was happy!

I'm not sure if these two know it yet, but they have the best dad in the world.  He is a daily example of how to be Christ like.  He loves these two girls and would do anything for them.  He teaches them to be strong and confident and honest and fun and free.  He shows them love by being a wonderful husband.  He is a helper, an encourager, creative, hard working, and an all around master of all.  This guy is the best and we love him so much! 

I am so thankful that my brothers got to come in town.  They work a lot and it's nice to get to spend a whole weekend hanging out and enjoying each other.  When my mom and Mark were over, we all just hung out and talked.  I had gotten a cold the day before Harper's party and it had gotten really bad that day, so I had to stop at a doctor's office on my way.  I was sick, Kristen was pregnant, and they were nice and cooked breakfast for all of us.  

After brunch, the kids took quick naps and then we headed out to the pool.  It was storming but there had been a break in the weather so they kids wanted to swim.  It sprinkled on them but they didn't care.  At first, it was just kids, but then Taylor, Carleigh, Eric, Gary, and Brian got in with them.  They showed us how they could all swim and jump in off the side and then Gary taught them how to ride on his back while he swam under water.  They had a great time and I love that our family has so much fun together.  

After swimming, we came in and had some dinner.  Brian made burgers and we all sat around and talked for an hour.  We opened presents after dinner.  Taylor's graduation and birthday, Cody's birthday, and Gary's fathers day.  Taylor goes to Arkansas in 2 months so she got some stuff for college and Gary got a new UA polo.  

All the kids had so much fun playing with Paige.  They all held her and wanted to give her kisses.  She did pretty well over there and slept in Ellie's bed.  Soon Ellie will be here and they'll have to switch off!  Grayson got some football NFL stickers and had fun giving out teams to everyone.  Reese played around with toys and Harper wrote letters to everyone on her new Frozen paper.  I think Eric made a joke to her and she gave him a pretty sassy look.  It was a great day and we were super excited for Ellie the next day!

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