Thursday, July 16, 2015

Harper is 4 years old!

Harper turned 4 years old this month.  Seriously, how does time fly so fast?  She is so big now, not a toddler anymore but a preschooler and almost a big kid.  She is such an amazing kid and we love getting to be her parents.  She definitely keeps us on our toes!

Harper weighs 34 1/2 pounds and is 38 inches tall.  She is about average at 40% for both.  She is in 4T clothes, but can still wear 3T pretty easily.  She wears an 8 1/2 shoe size and is close to having normal width feet now.  Still no nap, but she normally sleeps from about 8pm to 7am.  She is still allergic to soy and tomato, which just means that she eats pretty healthy.  She has done a great job of knowing what she can and can't eat, she doesn't get too sad if she can't have something (unless its' REALLY good) and she knows how to tell people when she's not with us.  She still only drinks water, and most days still fights that.  She loves dessert best, then snacks.  She is pretty tired of breakfast and lunch because I have very little creativity for those two meals.  But anything with bread will usually work.  She still likes to say only half of a word, which is funny and cute.  Like "tatoes" or "member".  She is a little bit of a "leader" aka "bossy".  She tells most people how to do stuff or what they are doing wrong.  She is opinionated about how things should go and what she wants to do herself.  Part of that is that she likes to be in charge and part of that is that she is a great listener and learner and does a great job of knowing what to do.  

This girl loves being a girl.  She likes to dress up and look fancy.  She likes to coordinate and pick outfits, shoes, bows, etc.  She likes shopping, getting her nails done, and doing any thing with mom.  She is such a great mommy to Paige too.  She is always helping and loving on her sister and getting her anything she needs.  Along with that, she loves playing with Dad so much!  Cody and Harper sit and play card games, board, games, play on the iPad, watch funny videos, catch, soccer, jump on the trampoline, ride the four wheeler, and just hang out on the patio.   She loves summer because she gets to swim and play outside and do all her favorite things.  She will love growing up in the country because she will get to run around outside as much as she wants.  She loved dance this year and is going to try gymnastics in the fall.  She loves school type things, bible studies, etc.  She loves to learn about God and tell everyone she meets about what she is learning.  She remembers stories and lessons and she has truly started to understand that God loves her and died so that she would be forgiven.  It's amazing to see what God has shown her and how He has already spoken to her little heart.  

Harper loves to color and write.  She is constantly making "gift cards" for her friends and family.  She loves stickers and journals and being crafty.  She loves to play with her princess toys where they can all be friends.  She has the best imaginary stories about what all is going on in "princess world" today.    This kid is a crazy nut most days.  She loves to be silly, sing loud, and dance around the house.  She is always laughing at herself and telling me all about it.  She is a talker - all day everyday.  She likes to talk to herself or tell anyone who will listen about her day.  She is usually smiling and happy.  She has moments, like being told to do something she doesn't want to do.  Or when she is nervous or shy. Or when she's in trouble, she really hates that.  But she is usually such a happy, sweet girl.  

Happy 4 years, Harper Elizabeth!  We love you so!

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