Wednesday, July 8, 2015

June = SUMMER :)

June has been a very different start to the summer than usual.  With all the rain, we haven't been outside as much as we used to.  With all the things going on, we have been with family more than normal and going back and forth to Dallas.  With Paige being little, we haven't been just going all the time or playing outside as much as normal.  We have done more stuff inside and just hung out more.  One of us is always stuck inside at home for the afternoon, so it's just hard to do much.  But it's still summer and we still love everything about it.  Cody being home is the best, but warm weather and outside activities are awesome too.

Paige is getting big and is such a happy baby.  She loves to play with Harper, loves being home with her family and her toys, and loves to be held.  She isn't a fan of strangers or crowds or loud situations.  So it's hard for her to be this happy when we are out or meeting new people.  It scares her and she cries until one of us holds her.  Poor baby.  But in general, she is happy and smiley and funny.  She is chunky but still in 3 month clothes, so she can't be that bad.  Those rolls though...  She got a runny nose one day and I was worried she was getting sick.  She seemed pretty miserable that day, but thankful she woke up better the next morning.  

We gave back all of Kristen's baby things since Ellie was born at the end of June so we have found new toys to play with and sit in.  We use the highchair a lot to let her sit and see what we are doing during dinner.  She seems to like it, especially sitting next to Harper, who always plays with her.  Towards the end of the month, we finally started cereal.  She wasn't necessarily a fan; who could blame her?  It's funny to watch her eat though because she just immediately spits it back out.  It's involuntary, her tongue just pushes everything out.  She does always wants whatever we have.  Coffee.  Bread.  Bacon.  Poor girl, it's still gonna be awhile for that stuff.

The dogs love summer and they seem much happier now that it's warmer weather and we are outside more than we used to be.  Harper loves to play with the dogs, more Maggie than Dixie.  She throws them the ball and chases them around the yard and even locks Maggie in her playhouse.  Paige is getting used to them.  She hadn't had to deal with their incessant barking or licking or craziness like Harper had as a baby.  She likes the bath.  She gets to lay flat in the tub with a pillow and splash around like a crazy person.  Harper and her just play and splash and laugh for 30 minutes every day.  It's seriously cute and funny.  We have tried sitting up, but we just aren't there yet.  She is also good at rolling over from her tummy to her back.  Not the other way, but she's so close.  She loves to turn half her body one way so she can look at something above her, like her mobile.  She seems extremely flexible.

The new trend app is called TimeHop.  It allows you to see what you posted or what you were doing on social media, on that day any number of years ago.  It's all been about Harper lately since she was being born and having birthdays in June for the last four years.  It's funny to remember what she was like when she was so little!

Harper turned 4 this month and it's insane to me that she is so big.  She is still such a joyful little girl, always has a big smile and hug for everyone she meets.  She is such a good helper, a fabulous big sister, and both a mama and daddy's girl.  We have seen marked improvement in her attitude.  She still has fits, but she also has been able to get herself out of them and make logical choices on her own.  It's nice!  Paige had to go into Harper's old carseat so Harper got a new one.  It's still a smidge big for her but she likes it.  She got some new sunglasses and loves them.  She likes to match mama so now she can.  She is still hilarious and we love just watching her entertain everyday.

She has done a great job being patient and understanding this year and this summer when something hasn't gone her way.  When Paige needs us instead of her.  When the rain means we can't play outside.  When the answer is no because mom and dad are just too tired.  She got some wonderful gifts for her birthday and she has loved getting to play with them.  I love that she is appreciative of her gifts and never acts ungrateful.  She even wrote her friends thank you cards on her own.  

Paige and Harper are still best buddies.  They love to play with each other and just watch the other.  Paige is getting big enough to play more and stand up in her exersaucer.  It's more fun for Harper too, plus Paige loves that she can see everything that is going on.  These two spend so much time together.  I can't believe they get along so well, hour after hour.  But they love each other and it makes me so happy!

Cody used his fun money from April through June plus some extra work cash and birthday cash to buy a smoker.  He was so excited to get it.  He made BBQ 3 times in June and we aren't tired of it yet.  He made brisket twice and it was seriously so good, it just melted in your mouth.  He also made pulled pork for Harper's birthday and it was juicy and amazing.  He likes just sitting out there for a few hours in the morning and just relaxing by himself.  He ended up building a countertop out there that he can use that is also storage for a cooler and a radio.  He's pretty set.  We also planted sod where the dogs had run the grass into dirt.  It was awful.  We got rid of their doghouse and it looks so much nicer out there now.  Since it's summer, I've been off my routine and haven't been at the gym as much.  I took some time off for the party and Cody and Harper's birthdays, and then I got a cold and was out for over a week.  Thankfully, I like to run so when I have a bit, I just head out and run the roads.  It's nice and I like how I feel so good afterwards.  There are some dogs at the end of Coe Ln that always try to attack me and one day the weiner dogs had me a little nervous.  They literally lined up across the road like they were testing me to try and cross it. 

We haven't done a ton, but a few things have been super fun.  We had a play date and got to see all our friends at once.  It was nice because even the big kids were off school for summer.  We met Kristen in Dallas one day after Harper's eye surgery.  She had the afternoon off and we shopped around the Galleria for a few hours.  It was nice because we haven't done that in years!  The boys also came up for the weekend of Harper's birthday, Father's day, and Baby Ellie being born.  They stayed with us on Saturday night after they went gambling at the casino.  Eric even brought some produce from his garden and it was so good!  The other fun thing we have discovered is Music on Main.  Denison's outside concert series got some great music this year and it's been lots of fun to go and hang out with friends.  We have to leave early because of the girls but it's still so much fun to go and sit and just relax, listening to good old country music.  One week it was Cody Canada from CCR so we went with the Helm's and had a great night.  Harper loved it, mostly because she got to play with Benton. Paige not so much, but she really doesn't like crowds or loud noises, so that was expected.  

June was odd but still fun.  Plus, we still relaxed a little and summer is off to a great start!

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