Saturday, July 18, 2015

Flooded Plains of Texas

The extreme amount of rain we had in May caused the spillway to go over.  We finally got to go see it in the beginning of June.  It doesn't look like it, but this space is massive.  It's about 4 football fields across and drops 10 feet, then about 30 feet.  It was just pouring with water, like a wide waterfall.  It was pretty breathtaking to go see.  The water was about a full foot over the spillway.  And at the time, it was still coming into the lake faster than it was going out.  All this rain has made life cooler this summer but also a little weird.  We have major bug problems.  Spiders and flies are the worst.  (See the picture of the tarantula that is the size of my fist that I almost stepped on, that Cody says lives in a hole by our mailbox.)  The saddest part has been no one being able to use the lakes almost all summer.  Most boat docks are inaccessible and even most of the housing areas around the lake are surrounded by water.  

Father's Day was supposed to storm and we noticed some rain before we left for Frisco.  However, we honestly thought it would blow over and just leave us with more rain.  We found out later that it was a pretty bad storm that ended in more tornados.  Our land got torn up pretty bad.  We had tons of trees get ripped up and thrown in the creek.  The land was so wet already that it was pretty easy to do.    Our creek was flooded with all the trees and debris and water in it that it came up out and over the banks almost 6 feet high.  Cody found creek debris in the low branches of trees near his head the next day.  It was pretty crazy and we definitely have had our fill of rain.  When we went out the next day and took the four wheeler out, it was fun to have all four of us on it this time.  Paige's first ride - she seemed pretty content with it.  

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