Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Pool Play date

Our play group had one last hurrah before school let out for summer.  It will be different this summer with the bigs around and then three of our group will be going off to kindergarten in the fall.  So it felt sort of sad!  We went to Tina's house and played in the water in her backyard.  She got the kids a kiddie pool, a sprinkler, and some squirt guns.  They ran around playing with everything and loved being free.  Kristi showed up with Aaron, who had gotten in major trouble that morning by ruining her brand new lispstick and thinking it was funny.  He had to sit outside and watch the kids have fun while the moms sat and chatted.  He did pretty good staying in his spot and I was thoroughly impressed.  

I was going to come up with a water balloon game but never figured it out.  So instead, I just filled each kid a water balloon and let them throw them around.  James was the only one who couldn't get his to pop, so Sarah had to do it for him.  But the other kids had a great time just being silly.

This is a great picture of the group.  Harper and Anna being patient and listening to what I say.  The boys doing it but being silly at the same time.  And the littles, Jack and James, just doing their own crazy thing.  I love this group!  It has been such a blessing this year!

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