Sunday, June 22, 2014

Grayson and Adelyn's Birthday

Grayson and Adelyn had their birthday party at WinKids in Highland Village on a Saturday afternoon.  We went even though it's so far, because they are important to us and because I thought Harper would love playing at WinKids.  The kids ran around, jumping into the foam pit, jumping on the trampoline, running across the floor.  They had the best time.  Lisa and Clint are just big kids too, and they had just as much fun.  She even tricked me over to her and then pushed me in the foam pit.  What a friend, right?  :)  Then, all the kids all got a chance to ride on this giant swing and they all loved it!  After the kids all played for an hour, they had cake and sang happy birthday.  It was a Frozen themed party and the decorations were so cute!  It was a great day and we were sad to go home.

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