Friday, June 27, 2014

Bug Infestation

This spring and summer we have been completely infested with everything imaginable.  We had june bugs for awhile that were so thick, Maggie and Dixie couldn't even drink from their water bowl.  We now have spiders in every corner, across all ceilings, and making new baby spiders as easy as breathing.  Harper tells us every time we find a bug.  She even tried to kill one off the ceiling one day by trying to step on the ceiling from the floor.  It was pretty cute!

We also have had a ton of snakes.  I found a garden snake in the flower bed by the house as I was weeding one Saturday.  It was about a foot long.  It scared me worse than anything, but in my fear, I immediately sliced it in two with the shovel.  A few people asked why I didn't wait and let Cody take care of it...  If that thing had gotten away while I was waiting for Cody, we would have been moving before I would have slept in that house again.  A few days later, Cody found a rat snake in the pond, about 3 feet long.  He shot it and then carried it around, pretty proud of his catch.  And disgustingly enough, we have had two mice near the house.  One that washed up drowned in the rain and one that Dixie caught.  This country living is sort of gross!

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