Saturday, June 28, 2014

June Photodump

June has been random.  We have been at home a lot, working on the backyard.  And in between full days of work, we have been playing with friends, visiting family, and having fun with Harper.  We had a birthday party in Highland Village so while we were on our way down, we called Taylor and Carleigh and they met us with us for a little while.  We ran around Academy and then had Bahama Bucks for the first time.  I love them.  They are my favorite teenagers of all time!  Harper's too.  She always asks to FaceTime them so they can "talk on the video."

Harper is in love with letter pancakes, well pancakes of any kind.  I love when little things like this make her so happy!  She really is just happy all the time.  She is such a sweet little girl (that doesn't mean she doesn't have major attitude problems, but they are less often!).  She is a lover, hugging and kissing.  She is a dancer, twirling and leaping around the house.  She is a singer, whether it's Frozen or a song she made up about her day.   She is a mover and a shaker, constantly shaking her tush for anyone that will watch and laugh.  She is independent, playing with toys by herself and making up stories for her dolls.  Her new favorite word is everyday.  She uses it as often as she can.  She has been super excited for her birthday and we talk about it all the time.  She is such a joy to have around the house and this stage of life with her is so fun!


She is getting so much better now that we used the sticker chart and we set some guidelines.  We don't even really use it anymore unless we have a bad day.  She still fights about clothes, but now I give her options and I don't force certain things.  She does however like to match, like full blown all out, match panties, shorts, shirts, shoes, etc.  I've told her that if a shirt has multiple colors, you only have to match one of them, but that doesn't sit well with her.  One day, she picked out an outfit that actually all matched (Pink of course!) and I tried to explain that it was TOO matching, but I guess there is no such thing for her.  Since summer started, she has been super busy and has randomly napped a few times.  Especially if we are in the car in the late afternoon.  This has led to some late nights, but those have led to some late mornings, which is always ok with us in the summer!

We spent a day in Lewisville seeing friends and family.  I had a lunch date with my Aunt Lissa in Grapevine and we had Mexican food and talked for a few hours.  It was awesome.  We haven't gotten to do it since we moved and I enjoyed spending time with her.  Since we were in Grapevine, we spent the morning at the Ark in Coppell and the Long's and the Hunt's met us for a quick playdate.  Afterwards, we spent the afternoon in Argyle seeing my family.  My sisters had a half day because of finals and we all got to just hang out.  And of course she got to bathe and wear the puppy towel.  

Cody has been home for summer and hasn't really even had summer.  We have worked every single day that we have been home but it's going well.  The fence is almost completely done and we'll do the patio area in July.  Harper has been so good but has definitely needed some extra attention when we are done.  One day while I cooked dinner, she surrounded me with random things and told me I couldn't move.  She still loves puzzles and it's one of Cody's favorite things to do with her.  He also loves to play hide and seek with her - they are so funny together!  He is such a great dad, we are lucky girls!

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