Saturday, June 28, 2014

Celebrating June!

June is a seriously busy month every year.  We just got finished celebrating Grayson's birthday, the start of summer, Cody and Taylor's birthday, Father's Day, and then Harper's birthday.  It feels like the parties never end!  The majority of our family celebrations occur between May and August.  It's crazy!  So this year, we celebrated with my Dad the weekend before since Kristen was going out of town to S. Padre.  Then, Father's Day weekend, we celebrated Buddy and Mark for Father's Day and Cody's birthday.  My mom also gave Harper her birthday presents early since birthday parties are usually too overwhelming for her to open gifts.  Harper got a new pool for the backyard and some new clothes, which she loved because KK also got her matching panties and headbands for each outfit!  Cody got his new boots which he was super excited about and a new Yeti cooler, which was even more surprising.  Harper then spent the rest of the evening playing in the cooler and in the box.  It was just the right size for her!  I'd say it was a great day!  Cody grilled and we had dinner and strawberry cake for dessert.  It was a great evening just to sit and relax and enjoy company.  

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