Sunday, June 22, 2014


We took bluebonnet pictures this year but it was a bit harder than usual.  We went out on Easter weekend and there were no bluebonnets.  There were a few clusters, but it was still almost nothing compared to normal.  We go to the Lake Texoma Dam and there are usually fields of them in every direction.  We decided to go ahead and try to take some and not only were there no good bluebonnets, there was no smiling, happy kid.  She wouldn't put a bow in her hair, or a headband, or a clip pie, or anything.  She didn't want to stand in the grass because it was itchy.  She didn't want to sit and get dirty.  She wouldn't smile, not for a cookie, a toy, a new puppy, or a million dollars.  I might possibly have gotten a bit irrational because she just wouldn't participate.  So finally Cody called it and we headed home in a bit of a bad mood.  We waited a week and went back, this time with a different plan.  We had made a deal that she didn't have to wear a bow or a pony, but she always had to have a clippie keeping her bangs out of her eyes.  Plus, she got to pick her dress out.  And we brought a chair so she could sit.  We might have also said that she wouldn't have to take pictures, as in we wouldn't force her to look at the camera and smile.  All of these rules she adamantly stuck to the whole time.  Anytime we asked her to smile, she said "no pictures."  In the end, we ended up laughing and having a good time and got some smiles and laughs.  We also took a few pictures by some pretty bluebonnets along the road near the cemetery where Nana is.  I say it every time, but I'm always so impressed with Cody's photography.  He's so good!  And she is such a beautiful subject!

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