Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Playset

When you live in the country, not really close to anything, and you have 10 acres to play on, you need to have lots of toys.  She has her trampoline and loves it but I knew she would also love a play set.  She loves to climb, swing, and slide and this makes it easy for her to play anytime she wants.  We wanted to get the play set done early in the summer so she could play outside any time we were working out there.  Cody did almost all the work himself.  He figured out what he wanted and found a diy plan.  We got all the wood and he set about building the base first.  We got it set in concrete, then the swing set put in concrete, and then he built the fort.  He loves to do woodworking and he is so good at it.  We are lucky that we had some friends give us an old slide and Cody's parents bought Harper some playset accessories for her birthday.  It still needs a roof and some more fun stuff added on, but she loves it!  Plus, we are going to build a stand up swing that makes life way more fun!

We were also putting up the new fence while we were building the play set and one day I bought a t post from Lowes.  I didn't want it to scratch my car, so I strapped it in.  You could say i'm not native country.  We may need a truck soon.  Plus, we got Harper's pool put up so she could play outside while we were working one day.  It took a good 20 minutes to blow up and she only played in it for about 15.  But I think she'll like it eventually.  There's only so much one person can do to play by themselves for so long. 

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