Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Roomates Visit

My old roomate, Stephanie, was coming to town for a friends' shower and to see her in-laws.  She isn't here very often, so when Kara called to set up a visit, we jumped on the chance.  Even though we weren't going to see her until lunchtime, we went down for the morning to shop in the city and hang out with Kara.  We met at the mall in Plano, walked around, had lunch, and played in the kids area for awhile.  Afterwards, we headed out to Richardson.  Stephanie's plane was delayed and she didn't get in until 2:30.  We were having serious rainstorms and it was pouring.  Harper got wet and was introduced to the old school hand dryers at the mall.  She's so funny!  

When Stephanie got in, we visited with her, Kate, and Grant for a bit.  They are both so cute and look just like them.  Grant and Harper played for a bit, passed the ball around, and got to know each other.  Then, we headed to Chic Fil A to play and have a snack.  It was good to just sit and catch up.  At one point, the tornado sirens went off, but nothing came of it near us.  We were supposed to leave at 3, but we ended up leaving close to 5 so we could have more time with Steph.  We got home pretty well considering the crazy rain and we had a great day with my sweet friends.  

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