Thursday, May 8, 2014

April Update

April has been on of those great months.  We have gotten to hang out at home a lot, play outdoors, run around town, see friends, and enjoy life.  It was a month of great balance of rest and fun.  Harper has really been into dress up lately.  So Cody and I made her a dress up station to hang all her clothes and now she likes to hang everything up and look at it all.  She loves all her princess dresses, butterfly wings, and high heel shoes.  She is such a fashionista.  Books, puzzles, babies, barbies, etc.  Life is pretty simple for this little girl.  

She is such a good, sweet little girl.  She eats all these great things most kids won't - like wheat bread, smoothies, and her new favorite - black olives.  Cody won this argument because I was so sure she wouldn't like them - they are gross.  But she loves them and likes to put them on her fingers like rings.  The water situation is getting so much better.  She drinks more now that it's warmer out and she's more active.  She also loves dessert and I can't keep sweets from her when we eat them all the time.  It would be mean.  So we bake cookies and breads and pies.  It's better for everyone.  

We have been doing random things around the house.  Cody has to mow more often and it takes a full afternoon to get just the backyard mowed.  We need the big tractor for the pasture.  The only bad thing is the trees by our house and barns are dropping pollen like it's raining nonstop.  It's been a horrible month for allergies.  We have been using essential oils for Harper's allergies, but we now have to put it on 4 times a day just because they are so bad.  Her eyes are huge puffy and have big purple circles under them.  We had a wind storm one night and woke up to cows in our backyard.  We all got dressed and went out to guide the cow back to our neighbors.  This one in particular was not afraid and followed close to Harper and I.  We have also had a major pest problem.  We woke up every morning to 20+ crickets in the bathroom.  After 2-3 weeks of having to catch, kill, or drown them everyday, I finally figured out where they were coming from and sealed the hole.  They were a serious nuisance.  

Harper has been a bit of a turkey lately, see last post.  It's just hard being three and being told what to do all the time.  But we have had a few moments of good.  We both got a cold Easter weekend and weren't feeling well Monday morning.  So we watched Frozen in the play room all snuggled up.  It was a good day.  We also went to Target that same week to look for Harper clothes.  On our way in, she saw a Sofia journal and asked if she could have it.  I said no, we didn't need it.  She kept asking and I quickly remembered that she got some money for Easter from the Hempkins'.  So I said, if you want it, you can buy it with your money you got from Nana and Papa.  Her reply was a quick, Ok, I do that.  So she gave the cashier her $1 bill and bought it for herself.  It was so cute!  We also had a play date with our friends, the Wilrich's, from bible study.  We went to Fairview Park and it had all the best, old, play equipment.  She loved the tire swing and this super high metal slide that kicked you out about 5 feet past the bottom.  It's fun finally getting to know this area and all the best places to go.  I've also been interested in what I'm eating, so I've been tracking it for curiosity's sake.  I texted Kristen one day and had already eaten all my calories by lunch!  It was not funny.  Plus we have gotten to see Kara a lot, which we love.  We absolutely adore her and wish she would just come live here (we've offered!).   All in all, a great month and a great start to the summer.  5 weeks left - Cody says 25 days sounds better! 

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