Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zoo Play Date

Our play group spent a day at Frank Buck Zoo.  It was a little chilly at the beginning of the day, but it was beautiful by the end.  Plus, we wanted to get there before all the big kids were out of school.  Sadly, Aaron was super sick and Kristi and he stayed home.  We got there and there was a school there, so we headed in the opposite direction to enjoy some of it alone.  We took pictures and let the kids just run wild.  

We made it just in time to feed the giraffe.  All the kids did it and they were all so cute.  And that giraffe tongue is looong!  Harper, Jack, and Anna just gave the leaf and moved on.  Clara and James were a little shy.  Joey was a little scared and dropped it a few times before getting close enough that the giraffe was able to snatch it up.  

We kept walking and just made our way around.  The kids loved the animals but just enjoyed running together and being kids.  At one point, Sarah did ask the kids to identify a letter, so technically it was a preschool outing too.  :)  We spent awhile at the goats, letting the kids feed the and pet them.  We had no quarters so we made our kids rake the food up from the ground (totally legit).  

After the goats, we stopped at the zoo presentation so the kids could see some animals up close.  They had to sit there for about 20 minutes because the show was running behind and the younger kids got a little restless.  Eventually it started and the zoo keeper brought out 2 lizards, a snake, and an owl.  Of course we were sitting on the front row and I really think the zoo keeper just kept getting closer and closer to us.  I didn't want to be a baby, but I did not like those reptiles being so close.  

After the zoo presentation, the kids got to walk through the new dinosaur exhibit.  They were pretty real looking and Harper wasn't in love.  One even spit water at you, and most of the kids didn't like that one.  But they all sat on this one that you could slide down the tail and she did that ok.  Plus, they were able to pretend dig for a fossil and look at the bones.  So cute!

The end of the zoo took us awhile for some reason.  We just meandered really.  The kids all took turns leading the group and pushing the stroller.  After a bit, we decided to head to the park and eat lunch.  We took the obligatory family pictures and I love every single one of them.  I think she match our family personalities perfectly!

The kids ate a quick lunch and headed into the playground.  I know Harper misses having a park like this now that we aren't close to Kids Kastle anymore.  They kids ran around, swang, climbed, etc. The moms all sat around and talked and kept count of kids.  It was such a great afternoon.  I love when all the kids play really well and allow us moms to chat, it's the whole point of a play date anyways right?  Harper is right in between the big kids, who are 2 years older, and the little kids, who are 1 year younger.  She plays great with them, but this time, she just played mostly by herself.  She does that sometimes and I never know if she is happy to be alone or sad.  I'm guessing she has some of Cody's introvertedness and likes the alone time.  Either way, it looked like she was a princess in her tower, singing her Frozen songs, and enjoying her sweet little life.  Eventually we rallied the kids together and headed home.  

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