Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Grayson's 1st TBall Game

On Mother's Day weekend, we went to Frisco to spend the morning with KK and to watch Grayson's first Tball game.  We got to Kristen's at 9:30 and they were still out running around trying to find pants that would fit Grayson.  The smallest size was still too big on him but he looked so cute in his little baseball uniform.  We hung out at Kristen's for awhile, the kids played, Grayson and Mark played baseball, and the adults talked.  We headed to CFA for lunch, which was insane because all of Frisco was there before their games too.  We had a quick lunch and headed to the field.  

The "field" was just a side yard of the YMCA but the kids had no clue.  They literally had no idea how to actually play baseball, but they had a blast.  Each kid got up to bat and swung until he hit.  He ran to first (sometimes past, sometimes through a different base) and then stopped to wait for the other team..  All the while the other team was all running to get the ball, all 10 kids at once.  Once one player actually got the ball, the process started over.  Eventually all the kids ran around all the bases (there were no outs, the other team never knew to try to get the runners out) and the teams switched.  In the hour long game, they had three innings and those kids seriously were so funny.  During the second inning, 4 of Grayson's teammates had to use the restroom and half his team went missing.  So awesome.  Grayson was awesome and loved every minute.  His first at bat, he ran past first and was headed off the field when Troy walked up and pointed him back at first.  He loved outfield too and ran for every ball.  Once, after he stopped the ball, he just threw it back to home plate where the umpire was.  Sadly, the umpire wasn't looking because the other kids didn't throw, and it was a good throw at that, and we almost had an injury.  He's going to be a great player someday.  While all of this was going on, the parents were standing along the edge of the field trying to keep chaos in check.  KK played with Reese and Harper most of the time and tried to keep them occupied.  It was such a fun morning to see Grayson play and spend time with my family.  

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