Monday, October 28, 2013

Football. Family. Friends. Repeat.

It seems like every weekend lately has revolved around football, friends, and family.  We watch the Denison Yellow Jackets on Friday nights.  We watch A&M on Saturdays.  And we hang with friends and family in between.  This weekend we went to the home football game.  We got t-shirts downtown and got to the game early enough to see all the pre-game festivities.  It's Harper's favorite part!  She loves the dancers, the music, the smoke from the football tunnel, and all the people everywhere.  Of course, everyone around us thinks she is hilarious because she gets so into the game.  

Cheering on the game

Hanging out on the back ledge

Sunday, we got to celebrate the 5th birthday of our sweet new friends, Rylan and Caycen.  Brock and Lindsey are our new friends that just moved here this summer as well.  He works at BMac with Cody and they have banded together since they are the only guys around.  They also invited us to go to Sherman Bible Church with them and we really enjoy it.  Plus, we love having friends to sit with - it's not so lonely!  So, their sweet twin boys had a birthday and invited Harper to celebrate with them.  We all went to the jump place at the mall and they all had a blast.  Harper LOVES playing, jumping, and running around any place like crazy.  

Rylan and Caycen at their Avengers Party

Harper's "cupcake" 
 (I didn't have time to make her a soy-free cupcake like I usually do, so it was one of her banana oat muffins from breakfast.  But she loved it because it looked like the party cupcakes minus the icing.  It was the best I could do that day!)

The kids all loved playing with the balloons.  

Her balloon popped later that day and she was so confused and sad.  

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