Sunday, October 20, 2013

Meeting Sweet Cayden!

Jessica and Cory finally had their baby boy last Monday!  His name is Cayden James Largent and he is precious.  He is such a cutie and looks just like Cory.  He seems to be a very good baby.  All the normal first week tiredness and baby drama, but he is healthy and happy.  

Jessica and I were talking Saturday about getting together on Monday for coffee because she wasn't due until the end of the week.  However, she was having contractions and feeling like it might be sooner.  When I called at 9pm to check on her, she was getting settled into Labor and Delivery.  It didn't take too long and he was born at 3am.  I woke up almost every hour that night checking my phone for updates, and I got the best picture at 6am.  

Since I was already going to Dallas on Monday, I got to visit them in the hospital that afternoon.  They were doing pretty good for 36 hours into parenthood.  They are going to be great parents - I'm so happy for them!

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