Sunday, October 13, 2013

Monday Fundays

I've been spending Mondays in Lewisville and it has been so good.  I signed up for my Mom's Inc. group again because I thought Cody would still be teaching at Marcus and we would be spending more time back here.  But even when he got the job in Denison, I knew I would still want to come back to see family and friends.  

This move was pretty hard on me since I'd be moving away from all my family.  Plus, we had just spent 3 months living with my parents and sisters in Argyle, so we had gotten attached.  So I knew I would need to spend some time back in Argyle, seeing my little sisters, hanging with my parents, and visiting occasionally with friends.  It's a lot to drive down so often, but it's been good for my soul.  It refreshes me, gives me an outlet, makes me feel a little more like me again.  

Harper hates the car and spends A LOT of time riding in it.  
She's a trooper!  She loves to watch movies or play on her tablet.  
This day she got some new Fancy Nancy books from her friends, the Hunts.  

My sisters are such good people.  Taylor is a junior and Carleigh is a sophomore.  They are in tons of honors classes and they are probably going to have a years' worth of credits when they go to college.  They are funny and kind and smart and they don't do tons of stupid stuff like I did in high school.  I am so proud of them and I miss them like crazy all the time!  Taylor has a job at a dog kennel now and Carleigh just made 1st chair in her orchestra.  It completely sucks not seeing them all the time.  I miss them like crazy.

Harper misses them too.  She gets pretty excited anytime we go to Argyle or Frisco or Carrolltont to see family.  I know she misses them all A LOT.  We get to go to my Mom's Inc meetings in the morning and then we go to my parents for lunch, nap, and stay through dinner and bath.  Harper loves hanging with Mimi and she always likes to play with Pop when he gets home.  She is so loved over there!

Texting the girls and telling them to hurry home!

Found her old swing in the closet

Baking cookies for afterschool snack

Her new favorite thing to do over there - wash dishes.  She does it for like an hour. 
She loves to play in the bubbles and water and of course gets soaking wet!

It is a long drive, but has been so worth it.  We get to see friends in the mornings and family in the evenings.  Sometimes living in Denison is hard and a little lonely, but I know it's where we are supposed to be.  But I'm glad I still have my family whenever I need them.  

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