Friday, November 1, 2013

Grayson's Soccer Game & Carleigh's 16th Birthday

I got this picture on a Saturday afternoon telling me that Grayson had finally scored his first goal!  He was so happy.  He ran through the crowd after to give everyone high-fives and then hugged his mama. We knew we were going to be in Dallas the next weekend for Carleigh's birthday, so we decided to go down early to see Grayson's soccer game.  It was supposed to be 60 and a little misty, but it turned out to be 50, misty, windy, and miserable.  We definitely weren't dressed accordingly, so Kristen brought us some jackets and Cody grabbed his big umbrella.  We stood on the sidelines with most of the kids and tried to huddle with the warmth.

The kids were bundled up but they were still freezing.  They played a good game, Grayson even scored two goals!  But during the 2nd quarter, Brian talked to the other coach and they agreed to end the game early.  We went home and had lunch and naps, then headed to Agyle.  

 Carleigh is the baby of the family, so it's weird that she is getting so old - because it means that we are getting old!  She didn't want a huge party this year, so we just had a family dinner.  It's fun to have the whole family together, all the kids running around like crazy and all the adults talking and laughing and eating.  

Mimi and Reese looking at the dogs

Finally getting her turn to ride the wagon at Mimi and Pops

Carleigh got to pick her dinner and dessert so Kristi made her a homemade pecan pie.  
Doesn't she look so cute?  Best 16 year old ever!

Grayson picked out a card for Carleigh with a knock-knock joke on it.  He loved telling it to her.  Then, he helped her open all her presents and play with all her new stuff.  

Her new eyeshadow she has wanted for years

Auntie TayTay 

Playing Hop on Pop


Taylor wanted us to pose a certain way, but it was not going to happen.  The outtakes of this photo are horrible!  I'm not quite sure what she was hoping we would do.  

Happy Birthday Carleigh!  
We love you to pieces!

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