Wednesday, October 16, 2013

September with this Crazy Toddler

So the last few months have been a little rocky.  I am finally ready to admit defeat.  This kid has hit the two's with a serious vengence.

I honestly don't know how she got up in this seat. 
I just came out and there she was.

My sweet, angelic little girl has turned a little bossy.  She uses the word "mine" (sometimes mines, so cute!) about 150 times a day.  We tell her nothing is hers and it's all ours and that we just share it with her.  Harper doesn't buy it.  Right now, it's all about finding the balance between doing it for her because it's difficult, and letting her do it by herself so she learns.  She wants to do EVERYTHING.  Plus, she wants to make decisions for herself now, even when we tell her what she has to do.  She screams to not to get in the bath, the carseat, go to bed.  She then screams not to get out of the bath, the carseat, etc.  She doesn't want to do this, or that, now, or later.  She is a little independent.  But no matter the fit, we pick her up and take her where she needs to be because those tears don't phase me (not the fit ones...).

Loves trains.  Hates train rides.

We are not potty trained anymore.  We were solid for the month before we moved and about 2 weeks into the new house.  But suddenly she started peeing in her clothes and hating her potty.  She fights us every time we ask her to go, she screams when we put her on it.  Sadly, my emotions were hitting an all time high of disappointment and anger, which I know doesn't help.  So after about 6 weeks of potty messes, we decided to go for pull-ups.  It was hard to admit that she wasn't potty trained anymore - more a feeling of embarassment and failure, but it's fine now.  I almost don't even care.  Now, I can drive to and from Dallas without worrying that we'll have to stop 5 times.  So, there's a silver lining.

She asked to help clean.  Who am I to say no?

Food has been very different the last few months as well.  She isn't eating as well.  She is finally old enough to know what is good and what is not as good.  We tried soy again this month to verify her allergy, and it was a few hours of crying and tummy problems.  So we are back on homemade, fresh, and healthy foods.  Sadly, she misses a ton of foods that she sees everyone else eating.  Harper loves noodles, cheese, peanut butter, potatoes, and bread (rolls, biscuits, pancakes, waffles, etc).  She has pretty much written off most fruits and vegetables.  But she does love snacks like raisins, bunnies, and more bread.  And though she doesn't like milk or any juice like most kids her age, she LOVES sweet tea and coffee.  Now, this is my sweet tea and coffee so they are sweet and gooood, so I don't blame her.  But really?  And when I say like, I mean she drinks at least half of mine when she can.

Bawling for a solid 5 minutes because she wanted mac 'n' cheese.
She eventually stopped crying and discovered she liked what I gave her.

Her first sucker (from the sweet lady at the bank - love small towns!).  
It only lasted about a minute before she dropped it and it got filthy.

The sleeping situation is going good.  She is sleeping in her big girl bed and still hasn't gotten out yet.  She has somewhat starting not falling asleep during naptimes when it seems like we don't get enough energy out in the mornings.  But she still just lays there and plays, talks to herself, prays "Dear God, Thank you for me...." (so cute!), or sings songs (Happy Birthday, Twinkle Twinkle Twinkle Little Star are her favs).

Sleeping on the way home from Kristen's at 7pm because 
she wouldn't nap that afternoon.  

Her speaking has improved so much in the last few months.  She is speaking little sentences and knows tons of vocab.  She does like to end sentences in prepositions, which I hear is wrong.  But she'll say "Go this way, that way, there."  She is also remembering a lot more stuff.  Like if I promised to take her to the park after nap.  Or where we went yesterday and what we did.  She just seems so smart and big!

Discovered new rain boots (2 sizes too big) and loves them.

Her new words and phrases are pretty cute and funny and I want to remember them (because I know I'll forget soon!).  She says...  Give ___ back-a-me! (when she wants something back).  Sick, Momma? Poor Mommy (Playing doctor).  1 Book.  2 Books.  5 Books!  2 Books! (when bartering before bed).  Scoo Bus (seeing 10 school busses on the way to Cody's work).  I wake up (when telling me to come get her from bed).  Try it (when whining that she doesn't like something and doesn't want to eat it).  Har do (telling us she wants to do it herself, which is usually repeated a few times).

Finally big enough to slide on her own!

She is still a great kid to have at home.  She plays great by herself but will let me guide her activities as well.  She has finally figured out the 4wheeler.  Instead of constantly running into walls and furniture, she stops and turns herself and keeps going.  She now rides for quite some time and then comes to me crying that her thumb hurts from pushing the button so long.  We started getting about 30 library books each week and she is reading more than ever.  She is also still loving coloring and painting, which we do each week for preschool.

Playing with Clampitt Paper bandaids from Pop.   

Fell running outside and almost bit through her lower lip.  
She hurts herself all.the.time.  Poor buddy.  

So here's to the rest of the twos.  May they get better or pass quickly.

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