Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Weekend Football and Family

 This weekend was full of lots of fun things.  We also got to discover a new love for Harper...FOOTBALL.  We went to our first Denison High School football game.  I think Cody was really excited to be back in the stadium, watching the game, in his hometown.  We pumped Harper up about the game and she got all dressed up in yellow and black.  We are still working on calling the mascot a Yellow Jacket instead of a bumblebee.  We get there early to watch all the pregame activities, and then we leave around 8am (end of the 1st quarter) for bed.

Harper loved watching everything going on at the game.  This home game was the Denison Homecoming so there was a ton of activity.  All the students were there and excited about the mums and the dance.  The homecoming court came out onto the field before the game, all dressed up.  Then, the drill team came out and danced and the cheerleaders came out to yell and tumble.  She seriously loved it.  She was enamored.  She yelled, clapped, danced, and begged them for more.  She wasn't quiet during the moment of silence, but that was only because she was asking when they were going to dance again.

Buddy has 2 extra tickets, so when we go we sit with him.  It's a big deal too, because he finally got the best seats in the whole stadium.  A few years ago, the ticket agent called him to let him know these were open.  50 yard line, all the way in the back (it's only one level) where there is a wall to lean against.  Only in a small town does the ticket agent know exactly where certain people want to sit.  And, Uncle Robert got new tickets this year so the Spiegel's could sit with him.  So now they are only two rows in front of us and a few seats to the left.  It's fun to get to see them, but I'm guessing everyone around us wishes these three rambunctious kiddos would sit still.    

Julianne and Tessa

Harper giving the Spiegel's hugs

Saturday morning, Harper got to go to the Lowe's workshop with Cody.  She loves to hammer.  I mean, loves it!  And it's a pretty simple build, so it goes pretty good.  Plus, she gets to wear this little apron with these patches ironed on and she thinks it's pretty cool.  

After Lowes, KK came up to see the house and hang out with us for the day.  Harper loved showing her all her stuff and her new room.  My mom and I went antique shopping while Harper napped and found a great little boutique.  We had CJ's for dinner, which is our favorite little cafe/coffee shop.  And we watched the A&M game.  Sadly, we played Alabama and lost.  But it was a great game.  One we should have won.  And Harper even watched with us.  It's funny that she even likes to watch football on tv.  She's from Texas for sure!

Finally able to get the thumb up!  

Sunday evening, we went to Sandy Point with Buddy and Serena.  Harper got to wade in the water and play in the sand.  It's probably the last time she will get to enjoy her bathing suit this summer.  We played for a long time and then she played in the sand while we ate dinner.

Even though it was a full weekend, it was actually very fun and relaxing.  We got to spend lots of time with family and we enjoyed hours of football.  We are definitely from Texas!

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