Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall with Friends

We have been enjoying a ton of time outside this fall.  The weather has been great and we have tried to get out as much as possible.  We try to see our cousin, Kelly, and her girls, Julianne and Tessa, at least once a week.  This year, Julianna started kindergarten so we have been playing with Tessa more often. But every time we head over to play, Harper reminds me that Julianne isn't there because she has to get on the "scoo bus."

Hanging out with J and T at the Dog Fair in downtown Denison one Saturday.

We ran into Kelly and Tessa one day at Target.  I think Kelly and I 
were both in need of a little shopping trip!  

Tessa and Harper read some books and were picking out books Julianne would like.

We have also joined a mom's group for Texoma.  There are a lot of moms that stay home and get together to play about once a week.  This fall, they spent a lot of time at different parks around Sherman.  It was nice because I got to know lots of new people and see new parks around the area.  At this play date, the kids did a bug scavenger hunt and played at the park.  

Yes, those are fake bugs.  

She finally figured out how to keep herself from going too fast 
on slides, so she loves doing them now.  

Every Wednesday, we go to the library for the Read to Win program.  They read, sing, dance, etc and work on getting kids to love books.  We get a new book each week when we read and Harper loves it. Plus, Kelly and Tessa are there to play with us and we love books.  Harper is the youngest kid there, and all she wants to do is run and sing even when the lady wants them to sit and listen to the story.  I try to keep her corralled, but sometimes I just have to let her go wild.  

Every week they get a stamp and she thinks it is so cool.  
She always likes to tell Cody that night what stamp she got at the "why-bary".

This week we made a bubble machine.  When she blew in the end of the bottle, the bubbles went through the sock and made a bubble snake.  She loves bubbles, so it was a great craft.  Until she forgot which way to blow and started sucking in bubbles.  


We also spent about two weeks outside painting the exterior of our house.  The new additions needed a new coat of paint and the existing stuff was really dark.  With the new windows, the white paint makes the house look much fresher!  It took me one day to scrape, one day to caulk, and 3 days to paint the first coat.  And when I say a day, I mean from sun up to sun down.  It was the most tired I have ever been in my whole life.  Painting the under part of the roof was miserable because I ended up with my neck at a 90 degree angle for 3 days.  Plus, I wiped my head against the roof and ended up with paint in my hair for weeks.  Harper had to play outside with me the whole time.  She was SO good.  I was so proud of her.  She played with the dogs, hit the baseball around, painted crafts, and drew with chalk.  She even helped me paint the house a little, which then required me to repaint, but she had fun!

Climbing on the dogs gate

Pulling out the big guns to keep her entertained.  She got a bubble gun for Christmas last year.  I hadn't pulled it out yet, so we tried it.  She loved it and we refilled it a couple times.  That is, until it broke about an hour after we opened it.  

We also spent one of the days painting pumpkins.  One of our favorite fall traditions!

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