Friday, August 9, 2013

Fourth of July

For the fourth of July, my family came up to Denison to see the house and celebrate with the country folk.  Carleigh got the stomach flu the night before, so she and Kristi stayed home.  We had been staying in Denison for a few days working on the house, so my dad and Taylor met us up there.  My dad brought a picnic lunch and we ate some good fourth of july food.  

This is Dixie, our new dog!  She showed up a few weeks before the fourth.  We figured that if she was still here when we got back, we'd keep her.  She is still here and won't seem to leave, so we are keeping her.  Maggie had been doing so much better with other dogs around at my parents house so we wanted a second dog anyways.  She's a red healer, so her and Maggie are a lot alike.  She's a puppy so she has a TON of energy but she is the sweetest dog - very loving.

Harper visiting Nana and Papa's cows.  She loves animals.

Standoff.  Harper vs. The Cows

Taylor thinks the country life is fun.  Tractors, cows, hay bales.  She decided to climb up three levels of hay, which is probably 2 stories.  Of course she talked Cody into it and they both ended up itchy and happy.  

Here she is sliding down the second bale of hay.

Ever since I was little, we usually spent the fourth of July with my dad in Kansas at the lake house.  We loved it and it was like a family tradition.  Taylor and Carleigh didn't really get to do that since they grew up in Arizona, so we decided to show them what it's like to set off your own fireworks.   We went to the firework stand and bought a good assortment of daylight fireworks.  It's good to live in the country because you can do whatever you want when you are outside the city limits. 

The loot

Taylor's first firework

They were holding the smoke bombs until one exploded in Cody's hand.

Harper did not enjoy the fireworks this year.  She was terrified of the loud pop most of the fireworks made.  But she did like the smoke bombs because of their color.  Taylor and I liked the plane bombers the best because they spiraled up and then lit up in the sky.  Cody and I had to switch off lighting fireworks so someone could stay inside with Harper.  But it was fun and now Taylor and Carleigh want to do fireworks every time they come up.

My dad said that the fourth of July is his favorite holiday because it's the only holiday that you don't dress up, you don't spend all day cooking, and you don't have to buy gifts.  Everyone just relaxes and enjoys the day.  He's so right!

Happy Birthday 'Merica!

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