Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bible Study Girls Lake Weekend

I have been leading a bible study with Karla Rogers, on staff at Argyle United Methodist Church.  Taylor and Carleigh were going there on Wednesday nights until Carleigh's orchestra began on Wednesdays.  So we needed another night and we started a high school girls bible study on Mondays.  We did it all year and had a great time seeing the girls change and progress and learn to trust a God who is invisible and yet all powerful.  Our group started with Tay, Car, and Gentry.  Then, this semester we added Maddy, Leyton, Kenna, Claire, Jesse, and a few others.  

It's a fun group.  They always leave me laughing and praying for this new generation.  They face such different things and live in such a different cultural norm than I did.  And yet, sometimes you find people who are just good, kind, funny, and sweet.  That is this group of girls.  

We went up to Lake Texoma and rented a house right on the lake.  Karla and I took up 4 girls, and Andie (the intern) brought up the last two.  We had a great time just relaxing and getting to know each other even better.  Sadly, it was the ONLY cool and rainy few days we have had all summer so that lake wasn't as useful as we had hoped.  But it was still a blast.

We ate tons of food, played games, watched movies, and talked a ton.  We played a card game which is like a group solitare.  It's fun because you get to yell whatever word you want at the end, which gets worse and worse as time goes on.  We played Telestrations which is like a combination of pictionary and telephone.  This was fun to see "farmer" end up "the lone harvester."  Taylor, the artist, is fabulous at drawing and changing people's pictures to her funny inside jokes.  We played Mafia where Karla had every one fooled and turned against me, poor little me.  We also played spoons, in which someone got bit, rug burns, scratched, and someone ended up skinny dipping in the lake while another ended up licking a ring around the toilet.  Success in my opinion.  

We also watched Safe Haven and Mean Girls, both classic girl movies.  We had smores, dump cake, cookies, and tons of snacks.  No one finished the cake because Leyton ate all the stuff off the top.  The girls had a great time and really got to spend good quality time together.  They swam in the lake, did a photo shoot, Carleigh did makeovers, and they even made up a dance to T. Swift.  It was fabulous but I think took hours to create and memorize.  

It was hard to be gone from Harper and Cody for a full weekend, and the house that was still in progress with contractors.  But it was a great weekend and I had a blast!  I will miss these sweet girls!

Playing Telestrations

Meeting Andie (who incidentally knows the Lulfs, my second family)

Doing their T. Swift dance

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