Sunday, August 11, 2013

Indoor Safari Park with the Longs'

We got to see the Indoor Safari Park with the Longs' the other day for one last playdate before we moved.  We had actually planned it for weeks ago but Addy got sick and then we were all busy for almost a solid month!

The park was fun and had tons of play equipment.  It was fun for Harper in the morning before it got too crowded with bigger kids.  She loved the trampoline and the ball pit.  She hated the animal ride and mini train ride (she wouldn't actually go on either one).

Addy and Grayson had a blast.  Being 3 is much bigger than 2!  But Harper loves Addy and Gray so she just followed them around and copied what they did.  She did go up the jungle gyms with them but wouldn't go down the slides, no matter how much they told her to.

Lisa and I had a fabulous visit and got to catch up on months of stuff.  My friend who is so like me and never judges!  We will miss seeing them as often but will still get to see them at Mom's Inc.

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