Saturday, August 24, 2013

Our Move to the Country

Our house is almost done!  The floors went in last week so it's not a construction zone anymore and it's livable for us.  We are going to go ahead and move in so we can get started on all the projects that we have to do.  All that is left to be done in the house is bathroom tile, paint touchups, kitchen appliances, and tiny details.  But we have furniture paint redos, pasture mowing, ceiling fan and light installation, doorknobs, etc.  Lots to do and it's already the middle of July!

Leaving Argyle headed to our house for good

Cody and his 1 millionth trailor load.  

The first week was ok but a little harder than I thought.  It was mostly like camping out, in a house.  We had no running water, no toilet/shower/sink etc.  We had a fridge but no stove installed yet.  We ate tons of sandwhiches.  And we couldn't move any furniture in because the painter wasn't done yet.  So we just kinda camped out.  We spent a lot of time at the Hempkins', bathing, eating, etc.  We are so grateful that they were kind enough to take care of us for a week.  

1st big grocery trip

Helping out at Lowe's.  

Cody had tons of work to do.  It took hours to get the ceiling fans up.  "5 minute fan" advertisement was a lie!  He also had to do lots of yard work and get this house ready for us to live in since school starts just a few weeks down the road.  I spent my time keeping a 2 year old busy and not too bored.  She loved running around the empty rooms, singing, dancing.  I used most days to repaint furniture.  We painted Cody's old bunkbeds for Harper's new big girl bed, as well as an old kids desk from the 60's that Nana had in her house and a nightstand.  We also had to paint my greatgrandparents old speaker cabinet to use as a buffet and my parents old halltree.  And we did finally get to spraypaint the old gold fireplace.  I think all the pieces turned out great!  Thankfully the "vintage" paint technique is another way of saying "it's ok to paint poorly, just sand and it'll look old and unique".  

While I painted, she climbed all over me.  It kinda slowed progress just a little.

Halltree Before

Halltree After 
(Grey-blue color from our bathroom)

New fireplace screen

Most days we get up at 7am with Harper.  We don't have blinds, so the sun is a little bright when it comes up.  We work all day, sometimes taking breaks to eat or rest when Harper naps, sometimes not.  When Harper goes to bed, we clean up the house and all the dirt and dust that accumulated from the days work.  It takes a few hours to sweep and mop - that dust is hard to get up.  Then we head to the Hempkins' to shower and go to bed.  Then, we repeat until it gets done.  

Cody sitting in a camping chair at 10pm after a shower.  Once you sit, sometimes 
you just don't have the energy to get back up.  

After about a week, we started to bring loads to the house.  We both hate moving, so we chose to bring smaller loads every day until we get done (rather than one huge load).  But going every evening after a long day was HARD.  We had to get 7 loads from the warehouse/storage and 4 from the barns.  

This is an all too familiar sight.  

It was like Christmas in July for Harper.  I had put her toys away in March 
when we listed our house.  She was SUPER excited when they all showed up one day.    

After the first week, our bathrooms got done and we were almost contractor free.  We started being able to shower and brush our teeth and wash dishes.  A luxury we took for granted before.  After this, we have some details to take care of and then moving all our stuff in.  But it's ALMOST DONE!

Our new master bathroom shower

Happy to be home.

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