Thursday, August 29, 2013

July Photodump

July has been HUGE.  We finally moved to the new house.  It was a big transition and has been a long few weeks.  We have been overwhelmed with working on the house and trying to enjoy the last few weeks of summer.  

Playing on the Hempkins' 4-wheelers.  This was the first time that Harper enjoyed it.  But it's pretty hard to drive, shift, and hold a toddler who is squirming around.  

Shopping McKinney Trade Days with the fam - she found lots of dolls.  

The joys of potty training.  Stopping on the side of the highway to potty because you can't find a restroom and you are an hour away.  Thankful for the portable potty!

So with everyone home for summer, sometimes we got a little bored.  Taylor and Carleigh liked to make up vines and funny photos.  This is a "family retake" idea from pinterest where you recreate a photo.  It's super funny and a little creepy.  This is the first picture Cody, Taylor and Carleigh ever took.  He went with me to Arizona to meet my family after we got engaged.  They were so little and cute!  But its cute that they have just grown to love each other more.  It's almost like they have been family their whole lives.  

We spent our last day in Highland Village playing at the park and feeding the ducks.  Harper loves when Cody comes - he is way more fun than me!  And the ducks were in full force that day - there were tons of them. 

Our first weekend in Denison, we did the Lowe's kids workshop.  Harper loved getting to hammer and play with tools.  

Her first diy project.

Taylor and Carleigh came home with us for the weekend.  They took like 15 videos just in the car going home and taught Harper to say "Oh no, it's the po-po."  She missed them a TON!

Hanging in the new bed together (its rumored that someone even got a paci...)

Our first dress up experience.  She really wanted to wear the dress but I don't think it was the most comfortable thing.  But she still looked cute. 

3 minutes later we were naked as usual.  

Taylor left her ipod so we played with it each day and sent her pictures.  

Another picture for Taylor - Cody with his 4 cherries from his Sonic drink.  Taylor seems to always get jipped on cherries so we thought we would show her our luck.  

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