Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our last days with my family...

We have lived with my parents and sisters for about 3 months.  It was just a bit longer than my dad lived with us when they first moved here, but we are so much fun, they just didn't want us to leave!  

We had an absolute blast.  There was always something going on and someone to play with.  My dad is always willing to help do stuff and Kristi was such a help with Harper and cooking for us and taking care of us.  And once summer hit, we had Cody, Taylor, and Carleigh home to play with everyday.  So now that we are moving, it's going to be sad and quiet at our new house without our family.  We are going to miss them!

Carleigh and Taylor are fabulous at taking tons of funny pictures of Harper.  They also sometimes do photo shoots and dress her up, so the funny photos are even better.  

Carleigh (the cook) made Harper her assistant.  

Naked cooking.

Taylor, Harper, and the vintage doll she bought her at a thrift shop.  

They named her Ruby.  Harper actually really likes Ruby. 

But Ruby is a little creepy.

They love to shop and pick out clothes for Harper.  Carleigh is always letting me know which outfit is cutest.  And, of course, we had to do a photo shoot with our new clothes from H&M.

The other night, we heard...the ice cream truck!  It was like a fairy tale dream come true from my childhood.  I can't tell you how many ice cream trucks I had to pass up when I was little!  So of course Carleigh and Taylor ran outside and we followed and all got something.  They had frozen custard and Harper absolutely loved it!  Carleigh got a cone with a million sprinkles on it and Taylor blew it at the last minute and got a mango slushy (which she didn't like).  It was WAY more money than the old ice cream trucks were, so that won't be happening everytime.  

Two nights before we were moving, we were all hanging out and watching Supernatural (can't believe the girls got Cody to watch it!).  Then we were playing WWE wrestling girls vs. cody.  We ended up just laying down and I kept saying "Girls - don't fall asleep on my bed!  Go to your own rooms!"  Which of course didn't happen.  So all four of us slept on our bed, Taylor across the top, Cody on his side, Carleigh on my side, and I got the bottom corner under Carleigh's feet.  Let's just say the next day we all needed a back massage and a nap.  It was awful sleep.  The next night, Carleigh was sleeping at Ashley's so we all went up and slept in her room so all four of us could be together again :).  

We had SO much fun living with my family.  We are going to miss Mimi, Pop, TayTay, and CarCar SO much!!!

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