Monday, April 1, 2013

The Circus with Ryder and Ellie

We went to the Shriner's Circus in Frisco with our friends Kelli and Ryder and Ana and Ellie.  Ana found tickets on groupon and we all decided to try it out.  It was a smaller circus, and it was close by, which was good because we didn't know how our sweet babies would do at the circus.  Thankfully, they did alright, but we all left halfway through because it was a little long.  

When we first got there, all the kids got to walk around and see all the animals.  You could ride ponies, pet the dogs, meet some clowns, etc.  Sadly, we are all too cheap to pay an arm and a leg for a pony ride, plus our kids were all a little freaked out anyways, so we just walked around.  

Because it was in Frisco at the Dr. Pepper Arena, it was a smaller place and we got much better seats.  We sat on the 3rd row, but it was funny because all of the seats around us were completely full even though 50% of the whole arena was empty.  So our kiddos had to sit on our laps the whole time, which they did ok but got a little restless.  Harper loved being in the middle because she could hold onto Kelli and Ryder with one hand and Ana and Ellie with the other.  She's very into holding hands these days.  

This was the only picture we could get of her with a clown.  She really wanted NOTHING to do with them.  But they kept persisting, trying to give her a sticker and a hug.  Sorry fellas, she's like her mama in that clowns are creepy...

The circus was good.  They had camels and lions that ran around, dogs that jumped through hoops, and  tons of acts.  All these people that juggled, swung on a trapeze, twirled in the air by their hair, and danced with animals.  The best act was the elephant though, he was pretty amazing.  

We have a great time with friends.  It'll be fun to see who Ryder asks out first, Harper or Ellie...  :)  
On the way home, it was way past naptimes and Harper made it until we got 1 mile from home before melting down.  But it was worth it.  I think she is in love with circus animals.  

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