Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Family Days

The other day was one of the best first days of spring ever.  It was just warm enough to be called "hot" in springtime (but will be longed for come august).  Warm in the sun, but cool in the shade.  It was perfect.  Since we had just spent the whole spring break selling our house, we took the last day to enjoy together, outside as a family.  

We had a picnic outside under the trees.  Of course after 30 minutes of trying to get Harper to focus on eating instead of playing and yelling at the dog to stop trying to eat her food, we just went inside and finished lunch like normal.  But it was nice outside anyways.  

After nap, we went for a bike ride.  That was perfect because it gave just enough wind to keep us cool for the afternoon.  We rode around HV and then ended up at the elementary school playground.  We played there for awhile and then headed home when we were all sweating and exhausted.  Cody pulled Harper in the trailer on the way there, and I did on the way home.  It's hard to pull an extra 50 lbs!  Harper sat back the whole way and cruised around with cheerios and her cool dude shades. 

When we got home, Harper grabbed some water to drink.  And since she was there, we put her to work stacking all the waters in the fridge.  I can't wait till she can actually do chores around the house.  :)

The next day, Taylor and Carleigh spent the night and hung out.  We love having them over because we watch dumb tv/movies, eat dessert, and laugh about dumb stuff all night.  We went shopping for shoes and random stuff.  Taylor and Carleigh showed Harper how to get into some trouble at Target and which shoes were fashionable.

The next day we went to walk around the Shops of Highland Village.  I had a hair appointment and the girls were bored from spring break.  I guess they had a little too much fun while I was gone.  After that, we went to get sushi from a place in Grapevine that the girls had a groupon for.  Let's just say that it was mostly just a chinese food buffet with a little sushi.  And it was a little more like cafeteria food than restaurant food.  We played a game on the way back called "Foods that are better than Asian Top."  



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