Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter at our NEW House

So much has gone on with us in the last few weeks.  I wish I could say it's almost over, but it's not.  But we are progressing with our house(s) so that's at least the right direction.  Last week, we went up to Denison for an interview, Easter, and to clean up the house.  Here is how it turned out...

Harper eating donuts while we waited for Cody during his interview.  It's the only place I could find - no park, no play area, no fast food jungle gym.  I'm gonna have to figure out what we are going to do all day around here.  Cody's interview went great.  They love him, they just have to wait and see if any jobs open up.  They even tried to talk me into working.  Um, no...  But they seem like a very nice, laid back, caring district to work for.  

After that, we went to our house to drop Maggie off and some of this stuff.  This is our car, completely full, and we were only staying 2 days.  However, we had to bring clothing, sleeping arrangements, and food for all of us for two days since they house has nothing.  So it was a lot.  Harper got to watch a VeggieTales movie on my laptop.  She finally figured out that if she really wants to watch it, she can't push all the buttons because inevitably she will push something that turns it off.  So she did ok for a kid who doesn't like the car.  

 After that, we met Kelly, Julianne, and Tessa at the library for an Easter party and egg hunt.  We needed to get out of the house since there isn't much for Harper to do there.  She had a blast.  Julianne and Tessa are such good big cousins.  They like to hold her hand, show her what to do, and play with her.  Sweet girls even gave Harper a new baby to play with.  One of the best reasons why moving to Denison is going to be ok...  :)  They read a story and did a little song and dance.  Harper watched the first time around, and got most of the moves about a second later the second time.

Julianne was quick enough to get her own Easter eggs and give Harper some.  Such a sweetie.  And Kelly got H this Easter basket because we didn't think to bring one.  She had a lot of fun.  

Tessa finding eggs with her friend.  She is getting so big.  

After the library, we had lunch and naptime.  After nap, Cody took us out to see the property.  I had never seen the rest of the land so I was pretty excited.  Sadly, it needs quite a bit of work, but that's all Cody and I think he is ok with that.  There is a shed that Bill used to use as his Ham radio operations.  It is a mini Ace Hardware store.  There is also a barn that has lots of boy junk in it.  There is a pond (it's pretty low from the last few years of drought).  Tons of trees and a creek.  I am looking forward to building Harper a tree house back there and a little dock that she can relax on by the pond.  She is going to love growing up here!

Left - shed.  Right - barn.  About 100 yards from the house.  

The pond - about 1/2 it's normal size.

That afternoon, we were discussing our next few weeks and I suddenly went into panic mode.  We only had 2 weekends left before we had to be out of our house.  Which meant I needed to pack my house and clean out this house in two weeks.  We were supposed to start our remodel job in the middle of April - two weeks away.  And Nana's house was still FULL.  So we went into serious packing, cleaning, organizing mode and got everything ready for us to have an estate sale the next weekend.  Kelly and a few others came over the next day to help while the girls played outside with Maggie.  It was a panic stricken, hard working 24 hours, but we got it almost completely done before we left Friday evening.  

Harper helping price everything for the estate sale.  In the end, we were all for sale.  
I think Maggie was only $1 though!

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